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GUNUNG LEUSER NATIONAL PARK: Photographs from Sumatra’s Largest Remaining Stretch of Rainforest

A collection of photographs of the amazing wildlife of Gunung Leuser National Park on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, part of the much larger Leuser Ecosystem — the last place on Earth where Sumatran orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants still exist, alongside thousands of other impressive species.

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RAJA AMPAT MARINE PARK, INDONESIA: The Heart of the Coral Triangle

A selection of photographs from one of the best scuba diving and snorkeling spots on the planet: Raja Ampat Marine Park in Indonesia. This is the beating heart of the Coral Triangle, a place of confluence for ocean currents rich in nutrients which attract hundreds of species of fish, whales, dolphins, and mantas, all among the largest diversity of corals.

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