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IN CANCUN’S BACKYARD: Discovering Maya Ka’an (Part I)

"They should head to Maya Ka’an if they want to be off the beaten path and help conservation efforts, while getting in contact with the Mayan communities." An interview with Gonzalo Merediz Alonso, Executive Director of Amigos de Sian Ka'an, about an incredible destination away from the Mayan Riviera's crowds. 

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“THE WILD SIDE OF CHILOÉ”: Conservation in Tantauco Park

Tantauco Park is a large-scale private conservation initiative, protecting 118,000 ha of wilderness at the southern tip of the Island of Chiloé. Hiking here was one of the biggest adventures we've had in Chilean Patagonia, as we went accompanied by a massive storm rushing through the island. An interview with Alan Bannister, General Manager of Tantauco. 

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VISITING TANTAUCO: Chiloé’s Southern Wilderness

Tantauco Park, or Parque Tantauco, is a well-built, well-managed conservation project that is working hard to protect and restore the extremely rare Guaitecas cypress and its ecosystem. For visitors, the park hosts over 130 km of well-built trails, as well as domes, a lodge and backcountry cabins. A description of the hike through this beautiful park. 

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