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“THE WILD SIDE OF CHILOÉ”: Conservation in Tantauco Park

Tantauco Park is a large-scale private conservation initiative, protecting 118,000 ha of wilderness at the southern tip of the Island of Chiloé. Hiking here was one of the biggest adventures we've had in Chilean Patagonia, as we went accompanied by a massive storm rushing through the island. An interview with Alan Bannister, General Manager of Tantauco. 

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JEINIMENI, CHACABUCO & TAMANGO: Connecting a Future National Park

Wild rivers, rugged mountains, free-roaming guanacos, wind-swept grasslands, rarely-seen huemuls, colorful deciduous forests, prowling pumas, pristine lakes, hidden glaciers, soaring condors and a robust park infrastructure: this is what makes up the future Patagonia National Park.

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For those that make the journey, their patience will be rewarded with incredible views of the Darwin Range, rare sightings of Fuegian biodiversity, and vivid emotions that might only be found in the remaining wildernesses of the world. 

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