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"ROUTE OF PARKS": Chile’s Model for the World

Over the last few decades, a major effort has been in the works to create one of the world’s greatest natural wonders: a connected system of national parks through one of the planet’s great wildernesses. Chile’s Route of Parks, or Ruta de los Parques, will create a chain of 17 national parks, crossing 1,500 miles of Chile, from the northern Valdivian temperate rainforests of Patagonia, to the windswept southern reaches of the continent.

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THE CHOICES WE MAKE: The Vegetable Garden in Patagonia Park

"The quality of the products is, therefore, incomparable. Every lettuce, every carrot grows at its full potential and the nutritional value is at its highest". A lesson on sustainable living and mindful food production from Francisco Vio, head gardener in the Patagonia Park. 

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We created the space needed for the recuperation of native species. It gave them the chance to repopulate the space they had lost with the arrival of livestock." Interview with Conservacion Patagonica's Director of Conservation, Cristián Saucedo Gálvez.

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